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Nắp pin Z1 3 màu

Nắp pin Z1 3 màu
Nhà sản xuất: Sony
Mã sản phẩm: Nắp pin Z1
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Tình trạng: Còn hàng
Giá: 500,000đ
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Original new back door battery glass cover housing for Sony Xperia Z1

L39H C6902 C6903



The first step is to remove the back cover which is stuck using bonded stick tape.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_3

Once the back cover is opened, you can see the Xperia Z1’s battery, secured by yellow tape, and the mainboard. There is a total of nine screws in the shell. The top two metal contacts on the back cover are to enable NFC.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_4

Sony’s G Lens and chip shield can be seen towards the top of the handset.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_5

The next step is to unscrew the nine hexagonal screws using a special screwdriver.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_6

Nine screws removed.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_7

Removing the shell is trickier and requires patience to separate carefully.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_8

The power supply now needs to be cut off i.e. separating the 3000mAh battery from the shell.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_9

A flat cable design sits at the bottom of the shell, reducing the chance of damaging the cable when conducting maintenance.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_10

The Xperia Z1 has two RF cables, located on the left and right sides of the battery. This design helps to give the Xperia Z1 a more stable phone signal.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_11

Now we remove all of the parts. This part is the bottom of the small panel which the speakers are connected to.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_12

A close up of Sony’s G Lens.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_13

The back of the motherboard (or mainboard) shows that it uses the now popular small-sided board design.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_14

The front of the motherboard shows a number of interfaces including that of the micro USB, micro SD card slot, micro SIM and front camera.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_15

The motherboard’s shield needs to be removed gently to get a better understanding of the Xperia Z1’s chip information.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_16

With the shield removed we get a close look at the chipset information on the front of the motherboard.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_17

The rear view of the motherboard with chipset exposed.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_18

Now that the motherboard information is exposed, we can see the 2GB SK Hynix memory chip running H9CCNNNBPTARLANTH 327A.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_19

Here we see the 16GB internal storage in the way of a Samsung 310 KLMAG2GEAC-B001 memory chip.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_20

A close up of the Sky77629 signal amplifier.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_21

Here is the IC chip, model PM8841.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_22

The Qualcomm PM8941 power management chip.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_23

The Xperia Z1 front camera.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_24

The micro USB interface and micro SD card slot on the motherboard.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_25

The micro SIM card slot.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_26

With the motherboard removed, we get to the screen panel parts.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_27

Xperia Z1 handset close-up.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_28

The frame shows the magnetic pins to be used with the charging dock.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_29

Slots in the frame for the micro SD and micro USB ports.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_30

Slot for the micro SIM card interface.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_31

The signature power button and volume keys close up.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_32

The dedicated camera key.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_33

All of the parts together.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_34

Overall CNMO says the handset is not too difficult to disassemble for maintenance, although you need to take care as some parts of the process does require some brute force. It will also mean that you will need to reseal the dedicated tape around the handset. Only attempt if you know exactly what you’re doing.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_35

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